Can you take your dog to the mall? If you live near one of these 39 pet-friendly shopping centers or any of these top dog-friendly stores in the US , you sure can! In some states, dogs are not only permitted but welcomed with open arms. So, the answer to this question is yes, you can take your dog to the mall! But before you do, you may want to prepare your pooch for the shopping experience. You’ll also need to read up on the rules of your favorite shopping center when it comes to bringing along your pet.


If you plan to take your dog with you to a pet friendly mall, where do you start? You start small so your dog can get used being around strange people and places. You first step is to take your pet to an open-air mall with lots of people and walk around a little. If it seems like your pet’s getting overwhelmed, just go and sit on a bench and relax and let her watch the people.

If that’s going well, take your pet to an indoor mall which welcomes pet. Just walk up and down and let your pet breathe in all the new and exciting scents. Don’t take your pet into a store just yet until you feel your pet is comfortable with his surroundings. Then, the next step is to take your dog into a pet store. What can be more welcoming than a pet store with all the treats, toys and maybe even other dogs? Walk your dog up and down the aisle to get him used to the shelves and aisles. If he’s calm and seems to be handling the situation well, then you can move onto other pet friendly stores.

Below is a list of malls in the U.S. which will allow your pet to go shopping with you!


  1. Alabama: In Huntsville, the Bridge Street Town Center is pet friendly. There’s a large variety of shops in the mall and stores which are pet friendly will have a sticker on their window or door. This is to show that pets are permitted in the store.
  2. In Montgomery, AL, The Shoppes at EastChase has more than 50 stores included in its open-air facility. The many name brand stores are located throughout the mall with some of the retailers and restaurants welcome pets. If pets are welcome in the location, there will be a paw print on the window.
  3. California: The Westfield Century Shopping Center and Dog Park in Los Angeles loves pets! At the booth of the Customer Service Booth, pets are supplied with water bowls along with a dog treat dispenser. At the One Stop Pet Station, water fountains with 3 levels, waste bags and treats are available. To tire your pet out a little before shopping, there’s a dog park in the Plaza. Even if some of the stores don’t offer food or treats for your pet, a lot of the stores will still welcome your dog.
  4.  Carmel Plaza in Carmel, CA has over 40 shops for your shopping adventure. The mall is garden type setting and dogs which are leashed are permitted on the grounds and some shops. The Fountain of Woof is a drinking fountain for dogs only to ease their thirst after shopping.
  5. Colorado: In Loveland CO, The Promenades Shops at Centerra will allow dogs which are leashed and well-behaved in the common area. Stores which permit dogs inside will have the familiar sticker on the window or door. These stores usually provide water and snacks for the pets.
  6. Twenty Ninth Street in Boulder, CO has a large assortment of stores and restaurants. Pets are always welcome here with a comfort relief area in the parking lot and convenient disposable bag stations.
  7. Connecticut: In South Windsor, The Promenade Shop allow well-behaved and leashed dogs in the common area. Some merchants have stickers on their dogs showing they allow pets in their store. Some store owners only permit small dogs which can be carried. Shop owners who do allow dogs also set out fresh drinking water daily.
  8. Delaware: The Trolley Square Shopping Center in Wilmington welcome all pets that are leashed and well behaved.
  9. Florida: The shade of the oak trees and the grassy areas are places where your pet might want to relax after shopping in Hype Park Village, Tampa. This open-air mall has an outdoor fountain with pet clean up stations conveniently placed throughout the complex. Stores which welcome pets have treats and fresh water located near the front door.
  10. Coral Gable, FL has The Village of Merrick Park open air mall with three levels with a tropical setting. Pets are permitted in some of the out-door restaurant seating areas with their owners. Some stores allow pets inside and dogs are permitted in the outdoor common area.
  11. Georgia: The Tanger Outlets Commerce in Commerce, GA is not only pet-friendly, but handicapped accessible and family-friendly as well.
  12. Hawaii: In Honolulu, The Ward Village Shops have plenty of benches, green spaces and outdoor areas. This mall encourages spending time with your pet. Some shops do permit pets, so watch for the signs.
  13. Illinois: Peoria has The Shoppes at Grand Prairie where well-behaved and pets on leashes are welcome. Pet Way Stations can be found throughout the location and stores that welcome pets have paw prints on their windows.
  14. The Algonquin Commons in Algonquin permits dogs which are on leashes and well-behaved. The mall has over 80 businesses with 20 of them who welcomes dogs in their shops. Randell the Husky, the mall’s mascot is placed in the stores which allow dogs.
  15. MaineKittery Premium Outlets in Kittery, ME have 65 outlet stores for shopping. Dogs on leashes are permitted in the common areas.
  16. Maryland: Hunt Valley Town Centre in Cockeysville is in the northern part of Baltimore County. It’s a pet friendly mall and welcomes pets in some of the stores.
  17. Massachusetts: In Lee, at the Lee Premium Outlets is an extremely pet friendly mall. Out of 60 stores, 36 allows pets if the dogs are on leashes and well-behaved. At the north end of the property, there are picnic tables, a waste disposal station, a water station and two kennels for you and your dog to enjoy.
  18. Michigan: The Mall at Partridge Creek in Clinton Township has almost 90 restaurants and stores. In the outdoor common area, dogs on leashed are permitted if they’re well-behaved. The stores which permit dogs will have a sign. Too, there are Doggie Comfort Stations with disposable bags and fresh drinking water.
  19. Minnesota: Nicollet Mall is a shopping district which is well-known and popular. It covers 12-blocks and has threaders, restaurants, department stores and shops. Dogs are permitted throughout the whole district.
  20. Missouri: Taubman Prestige Outlets in Chesterfield have stores which will allow dogs. These shops have signs on the doors to the entrance. Dogs are also permitted in the outdoor common areas where there are Comfort Stations.
  21. Nevada: In Las Vegas, the Town Square Las Vegas allows leashed dogs on the common grounds. Many stores also permit pets and there are two areas where there are green parks. The northwest end of the property is called The Green. The green park in the center of the complex is named The Square. There are drinking fountains for dogs as well as scoop bags provided. Downtown Summerlin also in Las Vegas has over 125 restaurants and diversified shops. Pet are always welcome and there are pet water stations and doggie bag dispensers throughout the common areas.
  22. New Jersey: In Beach Haven at Bay Village there are 23 assorted shops. Stores will allow dogs on a leash inside with their owners.
  23. New Mexico: In Santa Fe, the Fashion Outlets of Santa Fe will permit dogs on a leash which are well-behaved. Not all stores permit dogs, so you’ll have to ask.
  24. New York: The Tanger Outlets in Riverhead have over 75 stores of brand names outlets. The mall allows dogs on leashes in some stores and the common areas.
  25. North Carolina: Asheville Outlets are located in Ashville, NC. It’s an open-air mall that’s pet friendly with a Pet Way Station located at the West Elm entrance. The grassy area has waste bags and receptacles to help keep the area clean.
  26. Ohio: Beavercreek has The Greene Town Center with many of the stores being pet friendly.
  27. The Tanger Outlets in Jeffersonville have lots of stores which are pet friendly. For the stores, which allow pets, there will be a sign near the front door.
  28. Oklahoma: Utica Square in Tulsa, OK is in midtown Tulsa. There are more than 60 retailers in the shopping center with about 40 stores permitting pets.
  29. Oregon: Bridgeport Village in Tigard permits pets which are leashed in the areas of the mall which are common areas.
  30. Pennsylvania: In Center Valley, The Promenade Shops at Saucon Valley will permit dogs on leashes in some stores and in the common area. If the store permits dogs, there will be a sticker posted.
  31. South Carolina: The Gaffney Premium Outlet in Gaffney, will permit pets on leashes in the common areas, however, the food court is off limits.
  32. Tennessee: In Pigeon Forge, the Pigeon Forge Outlet Mall will permit pets only in the part of the mall which is the common areas.
  33. Texas: The Domain in Austin, has various shops, restaurants and department stores. Some of the stores will permit dogs inside and a few stores have water dishes outside. In Bee Cave, TX, the Hill Country Galleria has many pet friendly stores which allow dogs inside.
  34. Utah: The City Creek Center in Salt Lakeis a complex of different uses. There’s the open-air shopping area, as well as residential and office buildings. IN the common areas, dogs on leashes are welcome and stores that allow dogs will have signs posted.
  35. Salt Lake City has The Gateway and has more than over 100 restaurants and stores. Dogs on leashes and well-behaved are welcome in outdoor areas and shops which are posted.
  36. Virginia: Stony Point Fashion Park in Richmond VA does permit dogs but they have to be in a carrier or on a 3 foot or less leash. Some of the stores will allow dogs in the stores and will have a “Dogs Welcome” sign on their door. Comfort stations are placed throughout the location.
  37. Williamsburg Premium Outlets in Williamsburg have over more than 120 stores. The mall welcomes pets on leashes as well as some stores.
  38. Washington: Seattle Premium Outlets in Tualip, has over 125 outlet stores for fun shopping. IN the common areas, leashed dogs are permitted.

There you go! 39+ “yes” answers to “can you take your dog to the mall?”. Of course, there may be other shopping centers that just don’t blatantly advertise their pet-friendly status. The best thing to do is call and ask. Also, if you have a service dog, there are very few places that he CAN’T go.  For more on the few exclusions, visit the ADA (scroll a tad more than halfway down the page). Remember, unless you have a service dog, bringing your pup to the mall is a privilege and not a right. Make sure you follow the rules and clean up after your dog. You don’t want to be known as the dog parent who ruined it for everyone else!