There are beautiful views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Marin County and Brooks Island from this popular 23 acre park located at the west end of Central Avenue in Richmond. There are 20 more acres at North Point Isabel, which is located across the Hoffman Channel. Also, there are more than 2.5 miles of San Francisco Bay Trail in the vicinity of the park. A unique feature at Point Isabel is the special rules that allow dogs to be off-leash, but under the voice control of their owner, throughout the park. Well over one million visitors come to the park each year, most of them with their dogs.

Park Features

Point Isabel is a conditionally designated official San Francisco Bay Water Trail trail-head.

Mudpuppy’s Tub & Scrub and the Sit & Stay Café

A favorite with park visitors is Mudpuppy’s Tub & Scrub, a dog washing and dog-specific retail shop facility. There are full service and do-it-yourself dog baths, plus great toys, treats, and supplies. The Sit & Stay Cafe is located next door to Mudpuppy’s and features treats for your dog’s best friend, including Gourmet espresso drinks, coffee, pastries, sandwiches, smoothies, soups, cookies, ice cream, and their famous Road House Chili. Call (510) 559-8899 or for more information on these facilities, or see MudPuppys.com.

Park Activities

The park provides rich bird-watching opportunities, particularly in the fall and winter when the year-round “residents” are joined by migrating field and shorebirds. Other attractions include bay fishing, jogging and running trails, bike riding, kite flying, windsurfing, kite surfing, kayaking, and picnicking.

A State fishing license is required to fish from the shore. Fishers may try for striped bass, various surf perch, jacksmelt, sturgeon, leopard shark, and flounder.

Dogs may be off-leash at Point Isabel, although owners must have a leash with them (six-foot maximum) and have their dog under voice control and within sight at all times. Animals showing aggressive behavior toward people or other animals should be leashed immediately. Please prevent dogs from digging or damaging park resources, and please place your animal’s waste in a trash can. Dogs must be on leash in parking lots and streets.

Special Rules for Dogs at Point Isabel Regional Shoreline

Dogs may be taken off leash at Pt. Isabel Regional Shoreline. Any person allowing their animal to be off leash must:

  1. Keep dogs on leash in parking lots and on streets.
  2. Carry a leash (six-foot maximum).
  3. Keep their dog or other animal under voice control and within sight at all times.
  4. Clean up feces deposited by their dog or other animal and place it in provided and marked containers or garbage cans.
  5. Immediately leash any dog or other animal showing aggressiveness toward people or other dogs or animals.
  6. Prevent dogs or other animals from digging or damaging park resources.

Any person who walks or exercises a dog or dogs for a fee or who walks more than three (3) personal dogs must obtain and have in their possession a revokable annual permit. Call (510) 690-6508 for information.

To Reach The Park

From I-580 or I-80 (the Eastshore Freeway) in Richmond, take Central Avenue west to Isabel Street or Rydin Road, turn right to get to Point Isabel parking lots, adjacent to Costco and the U.S. Postal Service Bulk Mail Center.