4 band GPS tracker GSM GPRS Anti-theft pets Google map tracking gps

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4 band car GPS tracker&GSM GPRS Anti-theft Alarm RF-V8 pets personal mini RF-V8 GPS Tracker Google map tracking gps chip no box

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Important, please note:

This tracker is designed to guard against theft & positioning for property & life security, the corporation assumes no liability or responsibility for any behaviors violate other individual’s privacy.

All GPS devices would have some position deviation, the positions indicated by this product are for reference only.

There may be delays caused by telecom operators at certain circumstance, the corporation is exemption from liability to property & life security.

Main Function

GSM quad-band network, GPS location

Tracking via website / ISO app/ Android app / SMS

Trace replay

Geo-fence alert

Vibrating sensor burglar alarm with 4 levels of sensitivity

Sound sensor burglar alarm

Remote listening function

Low battery alert

   SIM-changing alert


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