5PCS Pet Dog Puppy Cat Grooming Hair Cutting Scissors Set


5PCS Animals tesouras Pet Dog Puppy Cat Grooming Hair Cutting Scissors Set Cerved Pet Clipper tijeras tesoura Hairdressing Tools

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A great tool set to cut pets hair, make new hair style, make them beautiful, healthy, and fashion.
Grooming your dog can also be a nice way to bond with your dog, and it’s important to get him used to it from an early age.
Smooth sharp edge preventing doingharm to pe
Comfort and ergonomic thumb and finger-rings, drastically reduces the amount of effort needed for scissoring.
Stainless steel material, durable and solid to use.
The product contains 4 different scissors and a comb, suitable for every difficult and precise style you want to create!

1pc thinning shear or called as teeth cutter, great for removing tangles and dead undercoat.
1pc straight shear, for trimming the legs, back and other places, make them flat.
2pcs curved shears, a upside curved shear and a downside curved shear, especially useful on thick, curly coats. Ideal choice for Standard Poodle top knots and thick coated Bichon heads
1pc row comb, can be used to groom the hair
Material: Stainless steel
Each Length: 19.5cm


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