6PCS/Pet Grooming Scissors Shears Kit Dog Hair Curved Trimmer


7″ Purple Professional 6PCS/Pet Grooming Scissors Shears Kit Dog Hair Curved Trimmer Pet Hairdressing Beauty Accessories

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Product Name: Pet Scissors
Model: 537001
Color: Purple
Material: Stainless steel
Whole Size: 24x10x2.5cm
Straight Scissors Length: 19.5cm
Thinning Scissors Length: 18.5cm
Up-curved Scissors Length: 19cm
Down-curved Scissors Length: 19.5cm
Comb Length: 16cm

Scissors Maintenance:
1.The Scissors has passed a rigorous detailed inspection before delivery,the tension knob has been adjusted to best position,please do not mobilize it often.
2.Do not cut air often;
3.After use, if necessary, you can cast some lubricating oil on the blade and inside of the screw;
4.Put down the Scissors gently, do not arbitrarily throw litter, avoid to damage the scissors adaptation;
5.This product is only used for cutting hair,otherwise the scissors life will have big shorten.

Package included:
1x Straight Scissors
1x Thinning Scissors
1x Up-curved Scissors
1x Down-curved Scissors
1x Scissors’ case
1x Brushing Clothes


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