Cat Massager Wipes for Furniture and Scratchers

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Pet Products Cat Massager Wipes Cute Fiddle Artifact Blue Furniture and Scratchers cats furniture play Toy for Cats Brush Comb

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Type: : Cats
Material: : plastic+mint
Item: : Cat massager
Function: : The cat rubs the artifact
Size: : 8.5cm*13cm
Free Gift: : Cat Mint


  • 1) The cat’s mint can be used to attract the cat to scratch, when you are not at home when it can enjoy the taste of massage. With the cat’s doping – wood days Polygonum, the effect is to make you unexpected!

    2) self-combing and rubbing it is the cat’s biggest hobby, this product is designed according to the cat’s habits of the new toys;

    3) within the original gift of the original cat mint seed, you can put the flower seeds into the storage box to increase the interest of the cat playing linoleum;

    4) the corner placed in the cat enough to get the corner or furniture corner, inside the cat mint will attract the cat to rub itch play;

    5) when you are not at home, the cat can also be happy to enjoy the massage;

    6) your cat to enjoy the effectiveness of massage at the same time, not only can take away the cat’s body dander;

    7) can also drive the cat body and indoor shade of the parasite is the ideal toy cat;

    8) Please observe the cats usually rub in those places at home (grinding the neck of the hair). Corner, chair legs, table legs, cabinet feet, etc.; it is recommended that you put a comb before combing a comb cat cat neck, as far as possible to leave the taste of cats. And then observe it more like where to rub, put the corners combed where; height as much as possible



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