Pet GPS Tracker Waterproof Mini Dog Cat Locator Geo-fence for iOS Android Web

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POPSPARK Pet GPS Tracker Waterproof Mini Dog Cat Locator Geo-fence for iOS Android Web

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Working Based on existing GPRS network and GPS satellites, Set multiple functions of security, tracking, monitoring surveillance, emergency alarms and management.

This product can locate and monitor your pets by internet.

This device support GPS AGPS LBS GLONASS Multi mode Positioning,Voice Monitor,Waterproof ,Geo-fence ,Historical Track etc

Real-time online tracking

View map on the cellphone screen, view target position on cellphone screen

easy to hide and take along with you.

Supports locate position, you can find out the real-time information of position .

Send a Geofence alert to the user when it breaches the restricted area.

Send a movement alert to the user when it begins to move.

Send a low battery alert to the user if the battery is low.


Memory: 128 (M)

GPS positioning accuracy: 5 (m)

Alarm mode: fence alarm, power alarm, SOS alarm

Battery Type: Polymer Battery

Battery life: 70 (h)

Waterproof function: IP65

Antenna type: built-in

External power supply form: USB contact type charging

GSM band: 850/900/1800 / 1900MHz

GPRS: Class 12

Communication: TCP / IP

Charging voltage: 5V / 300mA

Hot start: ? 10 seconds (open area)

Cold start: ? 45 seconds (open area)

Positioning accuracy: 5-10 meters

size: 40x 40 x 14mm

weight: 50g

Operating temperature: -20 ° C to + 55 ° C

Package Included:

1* GPS Locator

1*Charging Line


1*Waterproof Bag

1*Dog Collar

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